Home Made Bluing Salts
Homemade hot blue formula courtesy of blair emory if you are looking at the salts sold by brownell's and other companies, you definitely are out of my league.

march 30

you say one bottle drain cleaner to 1 pint of distilled water. what size of as i said earlier i have used this product myself and it is capable of doing an.

Big savings for bluing salts. find low prices at price machine!

One for the bluing salts and one for degreasing in. the process is degrease, blue then rinse. done in a very well ventilated area (outside).
Homemade hot blue formula i have seen a lot of posts on blackening tool posts and other things. i under stand that some things (bluing salts) are hard to get for some shoddy cramp.
Christy bluing salts from smith gun, inc. this is not a new product! it is a bluing salts developed by mr. christy with the help of several chemists in 1935, and midweek overeat.

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